10 Best Clubs In the World #3 Matter – London

#3 Matter – London
by Marcos Colón & Taryn Haight

This colossal venue just across the Atlantic is one of the best clubs in the world for music. Matter in London resembles more of a haunted futuristic ship, and the party is at the ship’s helm. From the lighting, to the 2nd floor walkway, a lot of bodies can be packed into this venue for their star-studded shows. From above, you can see a sea of the sweaty masses dancing along to DJ-production legends. If you get a sense that Matter feels a lot like Fabric (who’s coming up on our list), that’s because the club is actually operated and designed by Fabric nightclub. But when there’s one great DJ in town, where’s he going to play? When you combine size, design and sound, and deliver like Matter does, you’re automatically considered one of the best clubs in the world for music in our books.

Source: Cooljunkie

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