10 Best Clubs In the World #1 Fabric – London

#1 Fabric – London
by Marcos Colón & Taryn Haight

Once Fabric opened its doors back in 1999, the legendary venue quickly began bringing in the big names in electronic music. They made it a point to bring in the best, and that continues today. Their main point was to upgrade the acid house experience for the 21st century. Ricardo Villalobos, Jeff Mills, Jesse Rose and Luciano all consider this place to be their favorite club in London to play. The booking team at Fabric is one of the best in the world, not just sticking to big names, but trying out new artists that would really add a better musical angle to the club. While most clubs try and stick to big names that look good on tickets, the usual crowd at Fabric is always on its toes to see who the next best DJ/producer is.

Source: Cooljunkie

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