RA – Top Ten Festivlas August 2010 – Number 1

01. Burning Man
August 30 – September 6
Black Rock City
Nevada, USA

You probably have a good idea of what Burning Man is in your head. And, to be honest, it’s correct. Burning Man is everything that you think it is. It’s also a lot of other things as well. That’s why people like Wolf & Lamb and Carl Cox can both swear that it’s their favourite festival of all, and you’re inclined to believe them. As Duke Shin put it in his lengthy write-up of last year’s goings-on, the festival is “an adult Disneyworld. A mashup of Mad Max, Tron and Brigadoon…where the archaic and future meet in a supernova, creating a shining star called Black Rock City that only exists one week of the year (and in the process becomes the fifth largest city in Nevada).” It may seem cliche, but the music is only a tiny bit of why this is our #1 pick of August. It’s an experience like no other. Just remember to pack water. (And everything else.)

Source: Resident Advisor

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