Interview with Carl Cox

Great interview with the master on the decks Carl Cox.

So how has 2010 been so far for you Carl

It’s been brilliant starting from my time out in Australia until March, and then coming over to do one of the biggest parties of the year for me, which is Ultrafest in Miami. Again we had a massive success on the Friday and Saturday night, and that festival is just phenomenal. We have a lot of fans down that way that like what we do with the Carl Cox arena and also with the DJ’s that we book. So that party really set the precedence for all the parties that I’ve done so far.

Also with the music, I’ve been away for all that time so I’ve been able to collate all that music and then go and play all that music to people and show them my sound and entertain everyone based on where I’m at right now. It’s been a very positive year for music, events and clubs so far.

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