The Bondcast Episode 006 with Dj Deibys


Now a little bit about DJ Deibys.

My interest in music started at a very young age. That interest grew into a passion. At the age of 14 I started working on my DJ skills back home in Uruguay. I would show up at house parties with bags of tapes and vinyls along with my home
stereo and play music. My fan base grew rapidly and I was becoming overwhelmed with requests to DJ at house parties. I began to develop a cult following for my music.

In 1990 I entered an amateur DJ competition for radio station 98.7 Diamante and placed in the top 10. I played music from all different genres but my passion remained with electronic sounds. I took a position at a local radio station and that
led to my own talk show. I then decided to take my skills to the club scene in my hometown Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay.

In 2000 I knew it was time to take on the global scene. I flew to Miami with my skills and passion to DJ. I started DJing in various venues, Tantra, Novecento, Jazzid, Palace South Beach, The Womb Radio, Segafredo, Q Lounge, IVY, just to name a few. My exposure led to requests to DJ for private parties for many well known celebrities.

I continue to DJ today and work on productions for Nervous Records, Beatone Records, South American House, Molacacho, Supermusic Records, Four Peas Records, Gotta Keep Faith Records and other main labels.

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